The Bulgarian Language

The Bulgarian Language - Common Phrases in Bulgarian

The Bulgarian Language

The Bulgarian language is the earliest written Slavonic language. It belongs to the southern branch of the Slavonic languages of the Indo-European language group. Its development comprises four main periods: pre-literal (till the 9th century), Old Bulgarian (9th-12th centuries), Middle Bulgarian (12th-14th centuries), and Modern Bulgarian (15th century and later). The beginnings of the Old Bulgarian language date back to the creation of an alphabet (the Glagolitsa) in 862 by Constantine Cyril the Philosopher and Methodius. At the end of the 9th century another Old Bulgarian alphabet was created - the Cyrillic alphabet. The first Glagolitic and Cyrillic Old Bulgarian manuscripts were written. Bulgaria became a center of Slavonic culture and literacy. The Old Bulgarian language is a basis for the creation of Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Croatian variants and gained the significance of a universal literary Slavonic language. During the Bulgarian National Revival the modern Bulgarian literary language is formed. It is characterized by dropping of the case forms, by the use of the definite article, by nine tenses, four moods, etc.

Common Phrases in Bulgarian




Pronunciation Remarks
hello здравей 'zdravej zdravey
hi здрасти 'zdrasti zdrasti
good morning Добро утро 'dobro utro dobro oo-tro
good day Добър ден 'dobar den dobar den
good evening Добър вечер 'dobar vetcer dobar vecher
good night Лека нощ 'leka nosht leka nosht
goodbye Довиждане 'dovijdane dovizhdane
how are you? Как си? 'kak si kak see informal
I'm fine Добре съм 'dobre sam dobre sam
Where is the toilet? Къде е тоалетната? kade e toaletnata kade e to-alet-nata
all the best Всичко най-хубаво 'vsitjko nai-xubavo vsich-ko nay hoo-bavo
regards Поздрави 'pozdravi pozdravi
thank you Благодаря blagodarja blago-darya
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