About Bansko


The town of Bansko is situated by the Glazne River at the north-eastern foothills of Pirin beneath the highest and most beautiful karsts part of the mountain. The town of Bansko, in its present location, is believed to date back to around the 9th and 10th centuries. The earliest documentation for Bansko comes from the 16th century relating to the peroid of the Ottoman (Turkish) invasion. The town became the dominant centre of the surrounding local villages and was known for its crafts - many of which were sold throughout Europe. Bansko was also known as a cultural and spiritual centre, all of which led the other villages to look upon Bansko residents with envy. Now is the newest Bulgarian winter resort, recently discovered by the foreign tourists, Bansko provides an interesting combination of the virgin nature of The Pirin mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small towns. Winters are cold with heavy snowfall in the mountains with average January temperatures of 23°F (-5°C) in the valleys and ski resorts, and up to -4°F (-20°C) on the high peaks.

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