Kiten - one of the most attractive sites on the southern Black sea coast, where the forestry Strandja spurs are reflecting in the crystal clear sea debris.
The romance is in the picturesque nature and the two cozy beaches: the northern- Atliman and the southern- Karaagach. Between then inside the sea is jutting a small peninsula with the mystic name Urdoviza.
The resort is situated in the south- eastern part of Bulgaria on the sea side, 55 kilometers south- east of Bourgas and just five kilometers south of Primorsko. It is based on the northern mouth of Karaagach River (Kiten River), and a small part of the town is on the small peninsula Urdoviza.
The coast of the peninsula is steep and 10- 15 meters high.
The major idiosyncrasy of the relief in Kiten are the two picturesque bays- Karaagach and Atliman and of coarse the beach. The combination of mountain and sea makes it a really unique and attractive resort.
The two local beaches are real paradise for holidaymakers. Fine golden sand, warm sun and calm sea offer great opportunity for a perfect holiday away of the bustling big resources. The northern beach is very attractive for its beautiful sand dunes.
In the vicinity of Kiten two more beautiful beaches IYC- Primorsko and Primorsko South can be found. The first one is the famous international youth camp site.
As a result, at the moment there are many nice family hotels offering good facilities and competitive prices.
The near MMC ( a centre for youth tourism in the past ) has very good night life facilities.

Kiten offers different kinds of water sports- yachting, underwater- fishing, water diving, water ski and etc. It also offers a football playground, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball playground, swimming pools, banana and etc.
Excursions and picnics are offered in Strandja Park and Ropotamo reserve. Tourists can take cognitive tours to Primorsko, Sozopol, Duni, Nessebar and others. Those who with to feel the spirit of the old and rural Bulgarian tradition can visit Yasna polyana and Pismenovo villages. Excursions to Istanbul are being organized. Visitors can enjoy a yacht or boat trip. There is also a horse base in the resort.
Children will also be happy in the resort as they can experience numerous exciting entertainments.
Tourist can enjoy the numerous choices of local restaurants and taverns. Almost every hotel has its own inside saloon and a summer garden restaurants. Most of the restaurants offer traditional Bulgarian cuisine, fish and sea delicacies, barbeque grill. Life music or additional attraction is a common service in the restaurants.
Those who want to experience wild night life can make their choice of party in one of the numerous night clubs and discos in the town.

Kiten welcomes you!

Black Sea Hotels

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