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Archeological findings indicate that the resort has been well known since times past. The firth mud with which it is famous with has been used until now . The resort is located 22 km northwest to Bourgas and is connected to it by a regular bus link. On September 13, 1905 doctor Peter Stoyanov re-discovered it and researched Pomorie lake a few years later. It was formed after a catastrophic earthquake in 740 B.C. After its re-discovery the mudcure establishment was built: Pomorie has won recognition as a national sea mud-medicial resort. Mud cure is complicated and many-sided. The curative effect is a result of the complex action of chemical byological, electrodynamical and mechanical factors of the curative mud. Metabolism as well as the trophic of tissues get improved. The level of cholesterol and blood sugar decrease. It stimulates sex system and many other activities of the body constitution. Mud cure treats illnesses of bones and joints, woman`s sexual organs, kidneys, uric ways, etc. Mud-treatment and lye treatment require specialized technique and technology for mud and lye producing. It requires the use of special instruments. To these main procedures there exist additional ones, concerning the treatment. Electro treatment, massage, curative physical culture, fitness, underwater massage, mud-baths, mud applications, and a variety of functional researches. All these procedures can be prophilactic, when there are no proven disease or health problems. The sanatorium complex has an excellent bedroom capacity with 200 beds. In 1939, 682 (Doni 682 what got threatened?)got threatened, in 1959, this number had increased to 6045, and in 1970 - about 12 600. Today their number is much bigger.RESORT FACTORSThe climate is typically sea affected. The summer is moderately warm and the winter is not harsh. Snow cover hardly lasts.. The Spring is cool and the Autumn - lasting and warm. The annual average temperature is about 13.

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