Spa Sunny Day

SUNNY DAY is the place where dream meets reality - a peaceful green oasis bordering a quiet gulf and a beautiful natural park, clear sea, golden fine sands and mineral springs. Sunny Day

SUNNY DAY - a luxury sea resort with four elegant hotels on the very sea-shore.Six restaurants serving Bulgarian dishes, sea food, an European cuisine, cafes and a disco club. Here you can sunbath from May to October (in summer the average air temperature is 25-29° C, water temperature - 24-26° C). SUNNY DAY is a place where man's creations are in harmony with nature.


SUNNY DAY has two modern spas and leisure centres with over 100 medical services for recreation, treatment and beauty care; two indoor, two open-air swimming pools and children's swimming pool,a marina.


SUNNY DAY offers 6 halls with 20 to 230 seats and excellent facilities for business meetings, seminars, conferences, business lunches and cocktails.


SUNNY DAY organizes excursions round the country and abroad, entertainment programmes and activities both for adults and children.


SUNNY DAY - the enchanting place that makes you come back!


The SUNNY DAY offers most favorable conditions for balneotreatment and recreation.


Two modern balneological centers in Palace and Marina hotels with highly qualified staff. A Spa with slightly mineralized hyperthermal water coming straight from the spring at 42° C.


Over 100 different medical services:
electro, light and ultrasonic therapy, paraffin, lye, hydrotherapy, inhalations with sea and mineral water, herbs and medicines, various kinds of baths, massage (vibrational, underwater, manual), mud cure department, reflex- and laser therapy, remedial gymnastics, sauna, fitness, solarium, body former apparatus, cosmetics, aromatherapy and talassotherapy.


Treatment of disturbances of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and locomotory systems.


Two indoor and one outdoor swimming pools with mineral water.


Various complex and specialized therapeutic programmes:


- Balneotherapy - for general recreation
- Kinesi-programme - for restoration of the power balance
- Mud-Cure Programme - for disturbances of the locomotory system, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, gynaecological diseases, disturbances of metabolism etc.
- Antistress - in cases of nervous breakdown
- Arthro - for ailments of the locomotory system
- Gerovital - for slowing down the aging process and for treating central and peripheral arteriosclerosis
- Fitness programme - for boosting selfconfidence and health
- Cosmetic programme
- Relax programme - for improvement the phisical and emotional well-being
- Aromatherapy - to improve phisical and emotional well-being
- Thalassotherapy-therapy with sea weeds for the constitution's harmony for overall body recuperation, tonisation and convalescence of the organism after exhaustions and stress

Spa hotels

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