Veliko Tarnovo

Archaeological Museum in Veliko Tarnovo

The Archaeological Museum in Veliko Tarnovo keeps the most precious findings of the archaeologists, preserving information about the way of living in the region of Veliko Tarnovo from the Ancient times. One of the most interesting exhibits is that of the oldest pieces of gold in the world: unique golden treasure from the Neolithic age. Here one can also acquaint oneself with the biggest collection of earthenware and pottery in Bulgaria, dating from the time of the Romans, as well as with well- preserved products of plastic artistry from the bronze and the Stone Age.
Numerous findings from the excavations of the medieval town are exhibited too: golden and silver jewellery and coins, painted ceramics from Veliko Tarnovo, original murals and icons, tools, and bone objects. In the stone garden called Lapidarian there are architectural details, statues and arises from the Roman age. The same building is also the premise of the Town library, which is one of the richest books libraries in Bulgaria.

Working hours
• Summer season: 08.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 18.00
• Winter season: 09.00 – 17.00
• Closed: Monday

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